The Truth

Is it just me, or is it sort of non-inspiring to read about other people’s triumphs in reaching their goals?

I’m thinking about this because I just read a status update on Facebook along the lines of: I’m losing all of my pregnancy weight so fast!  Look at me go!!!

That is actually my paraphrase.  What she said might have been: I fit into my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans! (and her baby is only a few months old)  But, being post-pregnant and having lots of jeans that I sort of squish myself into and call it good, I didn’t find myself celebrating her success.

And why is that?  Am I just a mean person?  Or is Facebook perhaps not the place a person should run with this kind of news?  I’m sure she has a nice mother and lots of close girlfriends who would love to cheer her on, but I am an acquaintance and (clearly) not fit for the job.

The truth is, we tend to not tell the truth much in our status updates and 140-character-limit essays on life. Even our Instagram pictures aren’t very true.  For example, yesterday I posted a picture of my sweet 7-month-old scooting backwards on our floor.  It was a true part of my day, but was just a sliver compared to what I was really experiencing.  Most of my day was managing a pretty cranky toddler.  He bit the baby’s toe during our morning run, woke up early from his nap so he could be extra-cranky for me the rest of the day, and shouted “no-no-no-no-noooooooooo” throughout the afternoon at anything that wasn’t up to his expectations.  It was a hard day.

Another truth is, I tend to think the pretty things are what people want to see.  They also happen to be what I want to share, but they’re hardly the whole story.  And I know it’s pretty trendy right now to pretend like we’re telling the whole story when actually we’re still prettying up the truth.  I don’t want to be trendy or sugar-coat anything more than we already have.  I guess I just want to remind myself to ask before I put something out there: do these people who don’t really know me need to know this?

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