Driving Master Judah

The most mundane things, when added to a two-year-old, suddenly become fun.  For example: driving.  I’ve been driving for years, pretty much every day, passing untold numbers of interesting things that I never even noticed before.  Do you know how many tractors, police cars, trains, ambulances, and semi trucks are in a regular city?  Since Judah started talking, I haven’t reached any of my destinations without first spotting something interesting along the way.  School bus, mail truck, motorcycle, cement truck.

We are part of a reading program here that sends Judah a new book every month.  Three months ago, the book that arrived in our mailbox was a simple story of a mom driving her son to visit Grandma.  Along the way, they saw every type of road construction and public service vehicle you can imagine.  I remember reading this every day for a few weeks, before the talking started, and thinking about how contrived it was.  Really?  Road work on the same drive as men trimming trees?  Now, it sounds like just another drive across town.  It’s amazing how many interesting things there are to see when someone can find pleasure just in hearing a siren and has his eyes peeled to find them.

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