Sarala Grace, 3 months

I always love reading other people’s month-by-month posts about their babies.  I like to see how mine compare and what stands out to other parents.  Mostly, though, I’m happy for that baby that they’ll be able to look back and see what they were doing when they were little.  I was born back before online everything and phones that take pictures of every little thing each day. I can remember this one book that we had, though, that gave little descriptions of me from K-6th grades.  Some of it was answers to questions I wrote (What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ballerina!), and other parts were things my Mom recorded for me (height, weight, friends, etc.).  I’m not sure why, exactly, but I would go through that book obsessively.  I was so pleased that I was recorded like that.  There I was in a book!

Anyway, I haven’t been very good about this up until now, but I want to be!  So without further ado…

Sarala, 3 months

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Dear Baby Girl,
You are so much fun!  One of my favorite things about this age is how you smile every time you wake up and I come to pick you up.  You love to be with us, and that makes us love you even more.  You didn’t smile much in the beginning (I think your first smile was around 8 weeks), but now you light up the whole room.  Dad says he even heard you laugh when he tickled you a few days ago.  I tell everyone what a happy, easy baby you are, and it’s so true: you’ve started sleeping all night long (thank you!!), put up with your brother sitting on you and feeding you strange foods when I’m not looking, and make our whole world brighter.  I love you!

Likes: people (especially Judah), being held, smiling, cooing, sucking on her fist

Dislikes: tummy time, being alone, being over-tired, losing her pacifier

Schedule: naps in the morning and afternoon (same time as Judah, 1-3ish), nurses every 4 hours during the day, sleeping 8-10 hours beginning around 8 pm.

Stats: Last time she was weighed she was 14lbs–and wears 6 month clothes.  She’s long!

Misc.: We are using cloth diapers for both of you right now, and I think you like them.  I love all the bright colors we have–makes doing the laundry just a little bit better. :)

And lastly a little glimpse of this beautiful baby with some riveting commentary:

If you want to see a great smile, and hear the words "almost home" about 57 times :)


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