Month: September 2013

Baby 101

Dear Friends Having Babies for the First Time, Isn’t it so exciting?  And overwhelming too!  There are so many things you need, so many more you don’t actually need and will just clutter up your house, and a few you would never buy on your own but will be so glad someone else does.  I’m […]


Judah, how old are you?  Two!  This is a conversation we’ve been having with Judah several times a day for the past few days.  We never taught him how to say “one,” and haven’t told him to hold up fingers and say “this many,” either.  He’s ready to say it, and he says it proudly! […]


I remember someone telling me once that she didn’t begin feeling comfortable in her own skin until she was thirty.  Thirty!  I wish I could remember who said this to me, because I can assure you the reason I recall the comment is not that I thought it was wisdom-filled.   Rather, it was categorized […]


I’m up with the baby. She’s six months old, as of the turning of the calendar last night at midnight, just under 20lbs, and not half as hungry as she thinks she is right now. She was sleeping so well just a few months ago, almost 12 hours by 3 months! I made the mistake […]

For my babies

Suddenly, I am a mother. I call the shots, make the grocery list, say “no” to Chicklets at the checkout counter.  I am a mother. For lunch I eat whole wheat bread crusts with the shape of a dinosaur missing.  I peel mandarins and pull each section apart, even peel the pale fibers off so […]


I had a really amazing childhood. When you’re going around the room telling where you’re from and I share my story about growing up in the jungle, I always feel a little bad for the person who comes after me. It’s not that their childhood wasn’t great, it’s just that it’s hard in that context […]


David and I had an argument last night.  Is that a taboo topic?  Well, not here.  There certainly are things I wouldn’t write about here, but apparently this isn’t one of them.  So. It was Labor Day, and thanks to the fact that he’s on a clinic month (in residency), he was actually home all […]