Month: March 2015


When I eat a piece of chocolate, even one of those small ones that comes in a box of 20, I make it last.  I take small bites, letting every piece melt in my mouth.  David tends to take huge mouthfuls.  He actually says he enjoys it more when there’s a bigger bite to chew. […]


When we were brand new parents with a perfect little newborn, we stood in our church in Lansing, Michigan, and did what people do: we dedicated that sweet baby to God, and declared before our church family that we were going to do our level best to raise that baby with Jesus’ love. He had […]

Crazy days

  These are the crazy days.  I write this with hope, in great anticipation of that someday when I’ll look back and think: Ha!  That was nuts, wasn’t it?  When this will be over, and I’ll smile about it. What is this, exactly?  What shape is my crazy? It’s being 6 days past my due date, […]