Author: mandynoelle


My kids are the smallest they’re ever going to be right now. I know that’s not profound, and I only mean that about the two in my house right now, growing like weeds, turning lights on suddenly when the longest arm stretch wouldn’t do it before.  Sarala pulled herself up under the table today and […]

Making Friends

Although I have some friendships that seem to have grown of their own accord, I do believe most of mine have been made.  We call it that, too: making friends.  That verb is in there on purpose, because it isn’t just that friends suddenly are.  Usually it happens gradually, the making process, and almost always […]

The Truth

Is it just me, or is it sort of non-inspiring to read about other people’s triumphs in reaching their goals? I’m thinking about this because I just read a status update on Facebook along the lines of: I’m losing all of my pregnancy weight so fast!  Look at me go!!! That is actually my paraphrase.  What […]


Sometimes I realize I’m unintentionally following a sort of “strict” pattern for parenting.  Like sticking to a regular bedtime, eating vegetables instead of cake for dinner.  In this (and so many other things), David is pretty perfect at helping me loosen up a bit without ever telling me that’s what I need. Last night, we […]

A year ago.

I keep a journal with pen and paper.  I’ve done this since high school, straight through college, with my most prolific years being the twenty-somethings.  Books are filled up with every kind of emotion a girl can feel while waiting (or thinking I’m waiting) for the Next Thing to come sweep me off my feet. […]